Hello, we are the “Green Tribe”!
We are a mixed group of creative people of diverse backgrounds and ages, who have found each other through their shared values and ideals.

On december 12th, 2018, we started to occupy an abandoned piece of land in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. For the last four years, we’ve been making it all grow again!

~~~UPDATE (April, 2023)~~~
The last months, we’ve had quite some contact with the owners of this was-forgotten land. It seems that by the summer of 2024 we need to have found a new parcel of land somewhere in or near the colourful realms of Amsterdam. We will begin experimenting with new plots of land around the turn of the new year.
If you’re interested in joining us on our new adventure or if you know of a potential spot where we could set down our wagons to live and play, please let us know! We are very sad that our time on this piece of land will come to an end. We certainly hope that the GreenTribe community will continue to carry on at a new place, at a new time, and with a new shape.

Before our arrival, this land laid bare for 17 years! Before that, there was a building, but this was (illegally) evicted for a never-materialized building plan. The building was taken down – and then: nothing happened.

All this resulted in forgotten and neglected land, overgrown with willows – longing to grow and bloom.

Read more about us in our booklet. Or you can also envision the dream tribe with this beautiful drawing that Shoko made.