Come help on februari 2nd

This Sunday 2 February we will start to prepare our gardens for spring. Last year around this time we were busy building (we were settled in December, and were mainly building).

This year we are fully committed to the creation of gardens. We have reserved quite some space for that. We also have a tunnel greenhouse under construction. And we have 12 cubic meters of garden soil ready to roll.

One of the gardens is being developed together with Kinderpret and Cityplot to introduce children to permaculture in a playful way.

This Sunday we can use some help to make a big step in all that. So if you have some energy and inspiration, come and help: we are going to lay a layer of soil on a cardboard surface, with horse manure on top to make it all nicely fertile. So that’ll be loads of shovelling, driving wheelbarrows and egalizing nicely.

If your talents are more with carpentry and sawing, then you can also help to finish the floor in our large dome (around 50 m2). It is already half there, but we can hardly wait to finish it so that we can fully use the dome and make it available for activities (ours as well as yours), from meetings to lectures to film showings to all sorts of performances .

Come from 11 am, we will continue until around five. We’ll provide coffee, tea, a nice soup and beers – you provide your human power?